Helping Others Create
Lasting Authentic Change...

Work With Us To Make Change Stick...

Helping others create lasting authentic change is what we do - and love. Our process is simple. The results are priceless. We work with individuals and organizations in three primary ways...

Professional Speaking

Need a keynote speaker for your next event, conference or sales rally? Let our team come provide some much needed inspiration and motivation.

Business Consulting

Our exective team will work with you to develop strategy, content, tools and training to take your organization to new heights.

One on One Coaching

Our team will schedule and send your emails each month to your database. All you have to do is add new contacts and grow your reach.

Want To Change Something In Your Life or Business?

This free video training will share the three keys needed to create lasting authentic change. Ever wonder why your vision doesn't turn out as planned? Your new years resolution only last 10 days?
In this short training, our founder Tom Griffith will share with you how to break that cycle and create meaningful and lasting change in any area of your life or business.

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Sales Managers Unite To Train Your Team

This free 4-Part video training will share insights for managers of sales teams on how you can:
- Consistently Keep Your Sales Team Focused
- Build A Culture of Accountability
- Monitor Key Behaviors and Activities
- Quickly Make Corrections That Will Increase Sales Now

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